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Tenchi's Intro out now!


Short Stories from a Nuerodivergent Seabunny Couple

Hello! You seem to have landed on our little side of the internet! Welcome to Nudivergent, an online series of small comics and poems that tell the tale of two Seabunnies, one by the name of Tenchi and one by the name of Sallow. These two little sea slugs illustrate their daily lives- The happy, the sad, and the kinda glad? in short format comics that are hosted across social media and right here!


These tiny tales mirror the lives of the authors in dealing with neurodivergence both in daily life, relationships, and long-term goals. While at times it can be hard, we hope both Tenchi and Sallow can be a comforting presence for anyone who treads by their little corner of the sea!

Here are two little Nudibranchs to help you keep your head up! :)

Click below to read the comics!

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