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About Us

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Nudivergent is a short-format webcomic written in a poetry style of writing. It is hosted across social media and our website. Started by two artists, Hunter and Ashy, It tells the tale of the daily lives of a Nudibranch couple, Tenchi, who mirrors' Hunter's ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and Sallow, who mirrors' Ashy's Anxiety (GAD/Generalized anxiety disorder). Nudivergent tells our stories, both individually and as a couple. Across the Nudivergent comics we talk about the good, the not so good, and the awful of coping with ADHD and/or Anxiety, as well as a bit of our daily lives, our history, and our functioning as a couple.


As humans do, we've gone through a lot of change, a lot of realizations, and a lot introspection since even long before we were diagnosed. All the way from small, [seemingly] meaningless habits to daily functioning and opinions, both of us had to adjust to living with someone we love who functions very differently. It's a story that's been told a million times, and Nudivergent is our way of telling ours.

The hope is not necessarily to raise awareness for a particular cause, or even to help others cope with ADHD or Anxiety, but rather, to encourage those, nuerodivergent or not to show understanding by providing a small glimpse into our own lives and how living with a disorder can affect us and those around us. The same way we talk about uplifting accomplishments or progress, we don't shy away from the neutral or bad. Living with someone with a disorder can at times be equally as tough as having one, and we'd just like to help show that regardless of the relationship: couple, family, or friends; when you care about someone, change can be something to strive for! :)

Ps. Yes, the name is a pun! Nudibranch? Neurodivergent?

The Comic

Meet The Team

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         Heyo! I'm Hunter (aka Xen)! I'm a friendly invertebrate-loving artist and animator from Georgia! I've been drawing since I was young and have pursued creative projects for most of my career! I was diagnosed with ADHD at 14 alongside my mother, who was diagnosed at around her 40's.

I denied having a disorder for the longest time both out of stubbornness and because of difficulties in my life. But around the time I finally began to pursue what I loved as a career, I started to accept all parts of myself and work towards making improvements, whether that be in my art, my health, or my relationships!


Nudivergent is my way of showing you some parts of my story, and hey, maybe even helping where I can!

Hunter (Xen)

Voice of Tenchi

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Coming soon!

Red and yellow parrot

Ashy (Threekings)

Voice of Sallow

The Artists

The Story

Tenchi and Sallow are a pair of Sea bunnies who met down in the shallow seas of Critterland. They quickly became friends after realizing how much they had in common! And after years of close friendship, gently helping each other navigate their free-flowing Nudibranch town, they became a couple, hoping to brave the not-quite-as-nice outside world together.

The Story

But Why?

"Why start these comics?"

            These comics are simply a way of us venting our thoughts, sharing our accomplishments, and showing how far we've come in our journey, both individually and together. Instead of letting our feelings sit, we've decided to share a few snippets, so others know they aren't alone. It also gives us the opportunity to improve at one of the things we love doing: Art!

"Why Seabunnies?"

         Hunter has always been a huge fan of invertebrates big and small! More specifically, snails, slugs, and mollusks of all kinds. Making character designs out of them is something he loves to do, and Ashy adopted this love too! Much like snails, sea slugs have a special place in his heart, so the question is, why not?

"Why do the panels look different?"

           The answer to this one is quite simple! We originally planned to host these comics completely on Instagram, to which the standard multi-panel comic format wasn't very friendly. While we do still use it sometimes, overall, we still format each page for a 1x1 limited viewing environment. We also find that it's much friendly to the poem-like format of the text!

The Whys?

The Universe

Click here to visit the world of Critterland! (coming soon)

The Universe
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